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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Hello, I'm Karla Mitchell. Going through a legal case can be very expensive and challenging. I won't go into details, but I recently underwent my own legal battle that lasted several years. It is finally over and I successfully received a settlement, but I had to spend so much time studying law in order to play my role in my own court case. While I found a great attorney at one point, I felt completely lost initially and I don't want anyone else to experience the same thing. So I decided to create this blog for those who would like to know more about law.


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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Working with a Professional to Handle 4 Family Law Matters

Encountering a need to handle family law matters can be stressful for anyone. In addition to the complex legal issues that these disputes can create, there is also the potential for immense emotional strain. However, there are a handful of problems that individuals are most likely to encounter when it concerns their family law issues. Guardianship Changes Individuals often assume that guardianship changes will always be highly contested. However, there are many instances where these changes are voluntary on both sides.

4 Tips If You've Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles can be fun and exciting, but when involved in an accident, they can leave devastating injuries. If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident recently, you may be considering your options, especially if you have large medical bills to pay. Before you sign anything from the insurance carrier, however, make sure you check out these four tips to ensure you get a fair settlement. Determine the Extent of Your Injuries

3 Vital Reasons Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney On Your Side

Have you been injured in an accident that was caused by somebody else? Are you having a difficult time convincing your insurance that they should compensate you for your injury? Insurance, like any other company, is out to make a profit. If they were to pay out on fraudulent claims, they wouldn't be able to make any money at all. Unfortunately, denying fraudulent claims sometimes means that they also deny valid claims like yours.

Going To Law School? Why You Should Specialize In Immigration Law

If you've always wanted to become an attorney, being accepted into law school can be a very exciting event. You get to fulfill your dreams of practicing law along with being put into an environment with people who have similar goals. However, if you've been thinking about pursuing general practice, you may not understand just how beneficial it can be for you to focus on a specialty. Immigration is one such branch of the law that may prove to be ideal for you.

Heavy, Fast And Dangerous On The Road: Emergency Vehicles

There is nothing that compares to the help and support rendered by emergency responders. Whether it is a fire truck or emergency medical services, you cannot help but to be immensely relieved and grateful when they show up on the scene of an accident. There is another side of this valuable resource, however, and it involves the large and sturdy emergency vehicles those responders drive. To learn a bit more about how dangerous these vehicles can be, read on.

3 Factors To Compare When Choosing Between An LLC And An S Corporation

Starting a business can be complicated and confusing, especially when it comes to deciding which type of business structure to use. Many startup businesses choose S corporations or limited liability companies (LLCs), and one of these might be right for your new venture. The trouble is determining which one would be better. A business attorney can help you make this decision, and he or she will help you complete the procedures required for forming the company legally.

5 Office Work Hazards That Could Entitle You To Worker's Compensation

When people think about an injury on the job, it often involves jobs with physical labor like a construction worker or nurse. While those jobs have dangers, a traditional office job also comes with a variety of hazards. When someone gets injured in an office, they have a right to fight for worker's compensation. This type of case involves a personal injury attorney from a firm like the Law Office Of Daniel E Goodman to represent your rights.

What To Do If You Get Into An Accident During A Test Drive

Millions of people test drive vehicles every year without incident. There's always that small percentage, thought, that run afoul of Murphy's Law and experience unfortunate events while taking a new or used vehicle for a spin. One of those unpleasant events is getting into an accident. If you had the misfortune of getting into a fender bender while test driving a vehicle, here is what you need to do to resolve the situation.

Is It Possible To Win A Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturers?

The spate of mass shootings conducted by private individuals and high-profile cases involving lethal force used by law enforcement officers has, among other things, brought the issue of gun violence to the forefront. While legislators and lobbyists battle over whether or not to change gun laws, those affected by gun violence are wondering if they can hold manufacturers responsible for producing the dangerous products used in these incidents. Here's what you need to know about suing gun manufacturers for damages related to injury or death caused by the use of guns.

What Happens If You Are Involved In A Car Accident In Another Country?

Whether you've always dreamed of driving on the German Autobahn, or are just trying to find a quick way to get from place to place in another foreign city, you may at some point find yourself operating a vehicle in a foreign country. Once you've gotten used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road or sitting in the "wrong" side of the car, what happens if you're involved in a car accident while traveling in another country?