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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Who Pays For Your Injury In An Auto Accident?

by Andrew Martin

If you are the victim of an auto accident that is not your fault, you're likely wondering who is going to pay for all the damage that was caused. Here is an overview of who will pay for your medical bills and property damage.

The Responsible Driver's Insurance Provider

The first step will be to go through the insurance provider of the driver that hit your vehicle. Since every driver is required to have some form of liability insurance, that policy will be used to pay for all of the losses you incurred due to being in the accident.

However, the amount that you can recover from the insurance provider is not unlimited. There are policy limits that state how much an insurance provider will pay per person and per incident. It is always possible that your bills will go over those limits, causing you to wonder what to do.

Your Underinsured And Uninsured Motorist Coverage

You have the option of buying underinsured motorist coverage as part of an auto insurance policy. You can use this coverage as the victim of a car accident if you are the driver or a passenger in a vehicle. It is designed to protect you from any loss due to the responsible party not having insurance. Once you use up all of the liability insurance that you can get, you'll then be able to make a claim against your underinsured motorist coverage with your insurance company.

Underinsured motorist coverage is typically bundled with uninsured motorist coverage. This gives you protection if the responsible driver doesn't have any insurance at all, or you are involved in a hit and run accident and the other driver cannot be identified. Much like any part of an auto insurance policy, there is a limit that you select for how much you can receive if you suffer a loss. A higher policy limit is going to result in a higher premium, so choose wisely.

A Lawsuit Against The Responsible Driver

If you have exhausted your options through liability, underinsured, and uninsured motorist coverage, know that you may not be completely out of luck. You always have the option to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver for the damages not covered by insurance providers. Unfortunately, this may only be worth it if you can collect the settlement money from the responsible driver. If they do not have assets and do not have a job, you may find yourself struggling to get paid.

For more information about auto accident law, contact a lawyer.