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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

How Can Cheating Affect You When Dissolving Your Marriage? Find Out

by Andrew Martin

Adultery can ruin your relationship and give your partner an upper hand when you dissolve your marriage. However, you can mitigate the consequences of infidelity on your divorce by working with a family law attorney. They will know the arguments to raise to protect your rights and enable you to get a favorable outcome in your case. For example, they might argue that the infidelity was a consensual act or that you were separated at the time. Below are examples of how cheating can impact your divorce and how a lawyer can help. 

Extramarital Affairs in Divorce Case

Different states have varied infidelity laws. Therefore, the consequences of your extramarital affairs on your divorce will depend on where you live. Moreover, some states do not consider adultery when handling divorce cases. That said, you should know that some laws recommend tough penalties for cheating spouses. Some state laws even allow ex-spouses to sue their partners when they cheat on them. 

As such, you might face serious consequences if the judge finds you guilty of this offense. Therefore, hiring a lawyer to represent you in your case is highly recommended. Regardless of what you may have done in the past, your attorney can help you avoid a harsh judgment.

Consequences of Cheating in Marriage Dissolution

 A court determination that you cheated on your partner can make you get a lesser share of your marital property. This may be especially true when the judge determines that you spent a lot of money on the said affair. In such a case, they will consider the money you spent on gifts, private vacations, and other goodies. This might make you leave your marriage with less money than your spouse. 

It is also important to note that judges consider the child's best interest when determining who to award child custodianship. Therefore, adultery might impact your right to live with the kids. When determining your case, the judge might consider how your affair has affected your child. They will also contemplate how the relationship with your new partner will impact your child's life after dissolving your marriage. 

As such, the judge will want to know whether the presence of your new partner will hurt your kid's physiological or physical well-being. If this is the case, you may have challenges retaining custody. This is why you need to hire a lawyer to defend you. They will argue your case in court to convince the judge to award you enough time with your child.

Cheating can pose challenges for your divorce and make you face different consequences in court. For this reason, consider hiring a family law attorney to handle your case and represent you in court. They will take the right legal steps to protect your rights and help to get a positive outcome.

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