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Hello, I'm Karla Mitchell. Going through a legal case can be very expensive and challenging. I won't go into details, but I recently underwent my own legal battle that lasted several years. It is finally over and I successfully received a settlement, but I had to spend so much time studying law in order to play my role in my own court case. While I found a great attorney at one point, I felt completely lost initially and I don't want anyone else to experience the same thing. So I decided to create this blog for those who would like to know more about law.


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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

When Delivery Drivers Do More Than Deliver

by Andrew Martin

Delivery drivers are everywhere, and more and more people enjoy the convenience of having things delivered to their door. These drivers often work for large companies and the sheer number of them on the road means that they are sometimes involved in accidents. If you have been hurt because of a careless delivery driver, read on to find out more.

Delivering the Goods Quickly but Not Safely

Delivery drivers have several issues going against them when you look at things from their point of view. They are often behind schedule because they must deal with heavy traffic and unexpected delays while on the road. They may also be distracted by trying to locate an address, talk on the phone, look at their navigation screen, and more. Then, consider how often they must stop and then pull out into traffic again and again throughout a work shift. Finally, these trucks can be large, and the drivers may not have good sight lines. When a big truck like this hits a smaller vehicle, the injuries and damage can be devasting to the victims.

After an Accident

Almost all delivery trucks on the road are owned by large businesses and not owned by an independent driver. That means you could be going against a defendant that has a team of defense lawyers ready to fight against claims of fault. What you do and don't do after the accident can have a profound effect on the case and perhaps on your life if you were seriously injured. Here is what to do and not what to do after an accident with a delivery driver:

  1. Go to the doctor regardless of how minor you believe your injuries to be. If you did not go to the doctor afterward, do so now and get checked out. There is almost nothing more important than your medical treatment records in an accident case.
  2. Keep a record of everything that occurs after the accident. Some lawyers ask clients to use a pain journal and what is important is that you make notes about the way the accident is impacting your life. This journal will be used to help determine how much money you are owed for pain and suffering. You will need to show the depth of the misery caused by your injuries because of the accident.
  3. Do not ever speak to the driver of the delivery vehicle, the company they work for, or the insurance agency that represents the company. You are not required to speak to them, but you should phone your own insurer.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer right away. It can be a challenge to fight this type of case, but the result can provide victims with more than the usual amount of compensation because of the specter of punitive actions. Contact a local car accident law firm for more info.