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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Dui Defense Attorney: Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring One

by Andrew Martin

In 2016, an estimate of 10,497 people perished in road car accidents where the drivers were alcohol-impaired. Almost one in three traffic deaths, according to CDC, involves a driver having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. As such, charges under a DUI can be quite costly and almost incriminating. The consequence of the offense is great, and it is advisable to hire an attorney. 

Here are the vital benefits behind hiring a DUI defense attorney:

Get Back Your License

In DUI cases, the penalties will vary from one case to another. If you are a common offender, your license will likely be revoked to prevent a repeat of the offense. Alternatively, if it is your first time being charged, the prosecuting team will forward a plea against you. It is your job to secure a professional attorney to represent you.

DUI attorneys are well versed in law and the procedures involved. This means they can get your case dismissed or help you get a less harsh punishment. If your license is revoked, an attorney will help you get it back.

Saving Money

The right DUI attorney will charge a considerable amount of money for legal fees. This should not discourage you. Ultimately, this lawyer will save you time and money. They know how to navigate the court processes and make your trial shorter, saving both time and money.

Provides the Right Advice

Your lawyer is your cheerleader. They will be rooting for you even if you're in the wrong. A lawyer will advise you on the best course of action to take depending on the depth of your case. For example, your lawyer can advise you to plead guilty or seek a plea deal. In the long run, these decisions will amount to a significant benefit for your case.

Reduced Sentence

The right lawyer can help in reducing the charges you face as a result of your DUI. Due to their nature of understanding the legal system, handling similar cases, and possibly having a working relationship with the prosecution, your lawyer can help get you a reduced sentence.

Erase the Record

DUI cases have different outcomes. Some will end up becoming a full trial while others will include penalties and sentences. Whatever the consequence, a DUI defense attorney can have the record stricken off to protect your image.

Hiring a DUI defense attorney is your best bet in winning any DUI case. Contact a DUI attorney for more information.