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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Taking Legal Action Against A Landlord For Asbestos Exposure

by Andrew Martin

Being exposed to asbestos can have a long-term impact on an individual's health, especially when exposed to it on a regular basis. The complications of being exposed to asbestos can be fatal, as it leads to experiencing difficulties with breathing and various other problems that affect the lungs. Unknowingly living in a house that has asbestos in it is one of the ways that some people get exposed, but they might not experience symptoms until years later. Some of the most fearful aspects of developing asbestosis are that there isn't a cure for it and that the severity of the complications that it causes can be different for everyone. If you have been living in a rental home and you found out that it contains asbestos, you can hire a lawyer and sue the landlord for any health problems that resulted from being exposed to it.

Discussing Your Rental Home

Suing your landlord will only be successful if you are able to prove that living in his or her rental home is what caused you to develop asbestosis. For example, if there is a chance that you were exposed to asbestos before moving into your home, the lawyer must know. It is possible that you were exposed at work or in a previous home that you lived in. You must also explain whether or not your home has been proven to have asbestos in it and provide the lawyer with documentation if it has. Explain how long you have lived in the house, whether or not you moved after learning about the asbestos, and any actions that your landlord took in regards to the situation.

Investigating Previous Renters

If there were previous tenants living in the home before you rented it out, they will be investigated by your lawyer. For example, the lawyer can contact the tenants to find out if they are aware that the home has asbestos in it. He or she will also determine if any of the tenants have symptoms of asbestosis or other complications that can develop from asbestos exposure. If any of the previous tenants are suffering from exposure to asbestos, it is useful for making your case more solid against the landlord. However, your complications alone might be enough to win the case.

Determining a Lawsuit Amount

If you have experienced complications from asbestos exposure for numerous years, it will all be accounted for in your lawsuit. You can give your lawyer proof of any medical treatment that you had throughout the years that is related to asbestosis, even if back then you didn't know you had the condition yet. The lawyer will give you a breakdown of everything that you will receive compensation for.

To learn more, contact an asbestos exposure attorney.