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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Legal Advice Auto Accident Attorneys Recommend For Auto Collision Victims

by Andrew Martin

Auto accidents are pretty frequent today, given the unpredictability of driving conditions and certain drivers. If you are ever in this situation and it wasn't your fault, it's important to remember the following legal advice from auto accident attorneys. It will save you a ton of legal hassle in the future. 

Talk to Witnesses

If you were hit by another vehicle on a busy street, there was probably someone or a group of people that saw everything go down. Instead of letting them leave the scene of the accident, you should actively reach out to them.

Ask them if they saw the collision, and if they did, see if they would be willing to become witnesses. Their accounts of the accident will be helpful in showing that you're completely innocent in this whole ordeal. Also, grab their contact information. You may need to bring them to court to testify if you go that far with the other driver. 

Stay For the Police

After the auto collision, police will be arriving to take everyone's statements. You need to stay put until you can talk to one of these officers, as it's your way of showing what happened based on your personal accounts.

Take your time when giving this statement and try remembering every detail that you can. This information will be extremely helpful should you pursue legal action against the driver that hit you. Once you're done with this statement, make sure you get a copy of the report. You'll need it for court. 

Prepare a Formal Statement For Insurance Companies

Once you've dealt with the police, you'll probably end up talking to insurance companies. They are looking to see what happened from both drivers so that they can move forward in their claims process. Talking to your insurance company isn't that scary, but the other driver's insurance company may cause you a lot of stress.

The best way to prepare for these discussions is to create a formal statement. Just write down what happened before and during the accident. Be brief, and make sure you don't have any signs of guilt. Then, when insurance adjusters call in, you can just read off this script and avoid saying something that would harm your personal injury case.

Auto collisions are stressful and can be physically damaging. Fortunately, auto accident attorneys have provided all sorts of tips and tricks for dealing with these incidents. Taking their advice into consideration sets you up for justice and compensation potentially.