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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

How Do Pain And Suffering Convert To Dollars And Cents?

by Andrew Martin

If you've been hurt by a careless driver and are now injured, you may be actively seeking compensation. If you accept the insurance carrier's offer, you may be missing out on some major forms of money damages, and one of those is pain and suffering. This category of damage is valuable and well-deserved, but you may be wondering how something you experience can be converted into actual monetary value. Read on to learn more.

The Many Ways You've Suffered

The entire experience of being involved in a wreck and dealing with an injury causes untold suffering. No one enjoys having their lives disrupted to that degree, and it can seem like you'll never get your life back to normal again. Getting your life back is one of the reasons this category of personal injury damages exist; it attempts to cover your general feelings of pain, misery, discomfort, depression, anxiety, and more in relation to the wreck.

Proof of Pain and Suffering

You might wonder how you could possibly prove that you have experienced pain and suffering, but there are a few tips to follow that might turn your discomfort into dollars and cents.

1. Seek medical treatment, and keep good records of it.

2. Follow all ordered medical treatment whether it be surgery, physical therapy, or anything else.

3. Seek mental health care for any emotional damage due to the wreck.

4. Keep a journal about your day-to-day struggles to gain normalcy.

5. Speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible so that a successful claim can be assembled.

The Damages Add Up

Your physical injuries are only the beginning of the ways the wreck has disrupted your life, but the insurance adjusters and your attorney will use one major factor to determine your level of compensation. This factor is the total amount of your medical treatments so far and an estimate of your future medical treatment needs. The insurance company often uses a calculation to assist in determining a settlement offer. 

That medical treatment expense figure is multiplied by a factor and then added to all the other forms of money damages you are owed. The total of your medical costs, however, determines how high your compensation for pain and suffering might be.

To learn more about what you might expect as a result of your pain and suffering, speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

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