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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

3 Things To Know About Getting A Liquor License For Your New Business

by Andrew Martin

If you are planning on opening a new restaurant in your town and are hoping to make a decent percentage of your income by selling alcoholic drinks, you should find out if you can get a liquor license before you get started with your business. Liquor licenses can be hard to get in some cases, and a majority of this decision will depend on the city and state in which you are planning on opening your restaurant.

City And State Laws Trump Federal Laws

There are federal laws relating to liquor licenses, but the laws in your state and city will override the federal laws. Every city has the right to create its own laws regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages, and you will first need to check with your city or state to find out if this is even possible.

A good place to start is by contacting your state's Alcohol Beverage Control Agency. This is the agency that controls alcohol sales and rules relating to it. When you contact this agency, you will learn about the rules in your city and will be able to find out if there is even a chance you will be able to get a license to sell liquor at your new business.

One of the important rules many cities and states have is allowing only a certain number of liquor licenses in each town. A small town, for example, might only have the authority to grant three licenses. If there are already three businesses with licenses, you might have to wait until one of these businesses closes or gives up the license they have.

You Will Need To Choose A Type Of License

If you find out that you can get a liquor license for your new business, you will have to choose which type of license you want. There are many different types, and these can vary by state. For example, the state of Indiana has dozens of different options. The type you get will be based on the type of business you have and on the types of liquor you would like to sell. Whatever type of license you get, you must fully understand how it works and what it will allow you to sell at your new restaurant. If you do not follow the rules of the license, your state may revoke or remove it from you.

There Is A Lot Of Paperwork And Waiting

Once you are ready, you will need to fill out the applications and all necessary paperwork to apply for your permit. In addition, you will have to pay fees. The fees can vary, depending on the state you live in and the type of license you get, but they can be expensive. Here is an example of the fee schedule for the state of Washington.

If you are not sure how to fill out the paperwork properly or how to go about the process of applying for a liquor license, hire a lawyer. There are lawyers that specialize in helping clients apply for liquor licenses. The benefit of having a lawyer is that you can be certain that you will complete the application process accurately, and you will also have someone knowledgeable there to answer your questions and help you through the process.

Selling liquor at a restaurant can be a great way to boost sales and make more money, but you will need to have a license to do this. If you need help getting one or if you have questions about it, contact a lawyer that specializes in helping people obtain liquor licenses. To learn more, contact an organization like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants in your state.