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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

3 Wedding Day Injuries That May Be Applicable For A Personal Injury Case

by Andrew Martin

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life, but for only good reasons. Accidents happen all the time and suffering from an injury on your wedding day may seem like a traumatizing event. Not only do you have to start your married life with an injury, but you can expect a lot of medical bills and financial implications to follow after your initial hospitalization. To help receive compensation for your wedding day injury, you may seek a personal injury lawyer for assistance. Before consulting with a lawyer, you should consider the three different types of wedding day injuries that may be applicable for a personal injury settlement. Understanding the different aspects of a case can help save you time and money as you decide whether it's worth it to move forward with legal advice.

Venue Injuries

One of the more common types of injuries that can occur on your wedding day is a slip and fall accident. Long wedding dresses and decorations may be just a few of the factors associated with your injury. If you've fallen at a wedding, it's important to examine the different environmental factors that led to the fall. For example, if you rented a wedding hall, there may be loose floor panels or improperly cared for carpets that led to your injury. In a case like this, a lawyer may be able to hold the venue liable for negligence and seek a settlement for your injury.

Falling in front of a large crowd of family and friends could also lead to a lot of emotional trauma. As part of the settlement case, you may seek compensation for the emotional pain and suffering that occurred as a result of the injury. As you prepare for a possible case, you can gather pictures and videos from wedding guests to help showcase how the venue was at fault for the injury. This can help add crucial evidence to support your claims.

Catering Injuries

Another big part of the wedding day is the reception meal. Many couples choose to hire catering companies to prepare and serve meals for family and friends. These meals are usually elegant, but there may be several ways that they could have resulted in an injury.

For example, the food served at the wedding may be too hot. If this food spills or is eaten, it could cause severe burns on your body or in your mouth. Hot liquids or foods like gravy could even cause damage to a precious item like your wedding gown. All of these factors could help build good evidence for a potential personal injury case. The catering company could be held liable for serving food that was too hot and resulted in burns.

Improperly prepared food could also lead to injuries and sickness. For example, if meat was not cooked properly, it could lead to problems like food poisoning. If you have specific food allergy requests that were not met, then a lawyer may claim negligence on the part of the catering company.

Transportation Injuries

Arriving and leaving a wedding in style is a traditional way to go out. Riding in a limo or a specialty car does come with its dangers. If your vehicle is involved in an accident on your wedding day, then there are multiple options for a personal injury case. If your hired driver is at fault, then a lawyer can hold the company liable for the injuries. If another driver is at fault, then a lawyer can hold them liable and seek compensation for the injuries. As long as you were a passenger and not at fault for the accident, then you can likely move forward with a case.

Along with the medical bills and emotional impact that a transportation accident may have had, it may also result in financial losses like missed flights or honeymoon reservations. By consulting with a lawyer, you can determine all of these factors and help build a case.

Your wedding day disaster doesn't have to remain that way. By working with a personal injury attorney, you can turn things around for the better and move forward with a happily married life.