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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Legal Steps Sexual Assault Victims May Want To Take

by Andrew Martin

Sexual assault can be one of the more demeaning, embarrassing and frightening experiences that a victim can go through. As with many other accidents, assaults and other unfortunate incidents, there are victims that may not be informed when it comes to the steps that are available to them for documenting and pursuing justice against this violation.

Report The Incident To The Authorities

A key step for victims of sexual assault to take is to file a police report. In addition to the prospects of the perpetrator being prosecuted, these reports can be invaluable in helping to establish key facts surrounding the incident. This can include the date, individuals involved, location and other key details. While it can be intimidating to file one of these reports, the police are trained to be understanding and compassionate when filling out one of these complaints.

Seek Comprehensive Treatment

It is vital to seek treatment as soon as possible after the assault. These records can help to establish and document the injuries that were suffered as a result of the assault. For those that have been raped, this medical evaluation is extremely important as the perpetrator's DNA may still be present, which can be used as evidence. Additionally, the victim may be administered emergency contraceptive and STD tests to help limit the damage and complications. In addition to the physical healthcare needs of these victims, it is also important to appreciate the mental impacts this assault can have. Victims of sexual assault can develop profound emotional issues following their incident, and counseling or other forms of therapy may be needed.

Appreciate The Civil Legal Action Is An Option For Pursuing Justice

Individuals will often assume that the criminal justice system will be the only option for pursuing the individual that was responsible for their assault. While this can be instrumental in providing closure to these victims, there are instances where the criminal justice system may not be able to act. This is often in response to sparse or otherwise weak evidence as criminal trials have extremely high evidentiary standards. In contrast, civil cases only have to meet a preponderance of the evidence presented. As a result, sexual assault victims might find that the civil court system can be their best option when the criminal justice system fails. Furthermore, it is possible to take both criminal and civil action against the perpetrators of these crimes, which can maximize the punishment that they receive for their hurtful actions.

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