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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

A Few Things You Need To Understand About Social Security Disability

by Andrew Martin

If you suffer from a disability that limits your ability to work or prevents you from working altogether, social security disability is set up to make sure that you have money to live off and pay for your medical care.

Social Security Disability Are Different from Social Security Income Benefits

Social security disability is very different from social security payments. They are two different programs. Social security disability benefits are awarded to individuals who have physical disabilities that prevent them from working and who meet income requirements.

Social security income benefits are awarded to all individuals who worked during their adult lives. You receive social security income benefits when you retire

Social Security Disability Benefits Require One to Meet Specific Requirements

In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you have to meet specific requirements. To start with, you need to have spent enough time in the working world to qualify for Social Security benefits. You have to have accumulated enough work credits in order to qualify for Social Security disability. Although the number of work credits vary, you generally need to have earned at least 40 credits with half of those credits earned over the past 10 years; an individual can earn 4 credits per year. You only have to earn $5,200 per year to earn your four yearly credits.

You also need to meet Social Security's definition of being someone who is disabled. Social security disability requirements are based on being so disabled that you cannot work at all. They do consider your age, education and experience when making this determination.

Applications Can Be Completed Online

Your application for Social Security disability benefits can be completed online. The advantage of using the online application is that you don't have to go down to your local Social Security office and wait for an appointment, which can be an arduous process when you have a physical disability.

Applying online also allows you to take your time getting the supporting documents ready. Your application will go through at a faster rate if you include all necessary medical evidence from your doctor of your disability as well as any other medical sources that support your disability claim.

If you decide to apply online, make sure that you have your attorney help you complete your application. The application process can be complicated and a well-completed application is essential for getting your Social Security Application approved in a timely manner. 

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