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Hello, I'm Karla Mitchell. Going through a legal case can be very expensive and challenging. I won't go into details, but I recently underwent my own legal battle that lasted several years. It is finally over and I successfully received a settlement, but I had to spend so much time studying law in order to play my role in my own court case. While I found a great attorney at one point, I felt completely lost initially and I don't want anyone else to experience the same thing. So I decided to create this blog for those who would like to know more about law.


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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

Weird Criminal Laws For Which You Could Be Charged

by Andrew Martin

Outdated laws that remain on the books in each state remain there because no one has bothered to use them for so long. Then the laws are changed to reflect the current age. If you find that you have been charged with any of these weird laws, ask a criminal law attorney to help you eradicate an outdated law and prevent you from a fine or jail time.

No Driving in Alaska with Man's Best Friend Hanging out a Window

How often do dog lovers do this? Put Fido in the back seat and go for a ride, letting the dog hang out an open window. In fact, it is quite common, and most dog owners are inclined to let their pooches do exactly that. However, you better roll up those windows and put up the convertible top if you are driving in Alaska. Police and state troopers are allowed to pull you over and fine you because dogs in an open car or hanging out an open window is illegal.

No Plastic Bags in California

Leave it to California to create most of the crazy laws. From the legal use of marijuana to making assisted suicide okay, California is the king of legal weirdness. Plastic bags are utterly banned. You cannot find them in any store, and if you have any, you cannot use them for doggy poo or anything else you want to throw away. If you are caught using a plastic bag in California, you could be charged with endangering the environment and fined.

Cannot Live on a Boat for More Than a Month in Georgia

If you love to sail and you travel the world by boat, do not spend more than a month in Georgia. There, they will fine you and possibly arrest you for living on your boat for more than thirty days. Even if you are just visiting with your boat, you cannot stay on the boat that long. Avoid the hassle and move on after a few weeks of checking out the Peach State.

No Trash in the Streets in Idaho

Apparently, if you have trash that falls out of your car and into the street, or out of your garbage cans and into the street, you are in trouble in Idaho. You also cannot sweep trash into the street either. You actually have to pick it all up and put it in a receptacle. Not a bad idea, but the fines can add up pretty quick if you are unaware of this law.

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