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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

5 Office Work Hazards That Could Entitle You To Worker's Compensation

by Andrew Martin

When people think about an injury on the job, it often involves jobs with physical labor like a construction worker or nurse. While those jobs have dangers, a traditional office job also comes with a variety of hazards. When someone gets injured in an office, they have a right to fight for worker's compensation. This type of case involves a personal injury attorney from a firm like the Law Office Of Daniel E Goodman to represent your rights.

There are five types of office injuries that can qualify for worker's compensation. Understanding these injuries will help you prevent them and determine if you should move forward with a legal case.

Malfunctioning Office Equipment

With so many equipment and tools, there are obvious hazards on a construction site. Office hazards a little more subtle, but can still cause serious injuries. The following pieces of office equipment can cause serious harm. If you've been injured by any of the following, it's a good idea to seek out an attorney for legal advice.

  • Office Furniture: Broken chairs, malfunction tables, and desks and can all cause injuries. An attorney can help determine whether the equipment was insufficient for office use and improper for your own use.
  • Office Electronics: Computers, copiers, and printers may have malfunctions that cause electric shocks or physical harm. The improper maintenance of the devices is typically the fault for your injury.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Falling lights or broken lamps can easily cause injuries in an office. An attorney can help you collect compensation for any time missed at work.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Offices often rely on computers and keyboards to complete daily work. Over and improper use of these devices can lead to an injury known as carpel tunnel syndrome. The injury involves numbness and nerve pain through the hands, wrist, and forearm. This type of personal injury can lead to long term pain and a poor work performance.

In some cases, people cannot complete proper job functions. Carpel tunnel may not seem like the worse injury possible, but your repetitive motions at work can help open a case for worker's comp.

Spinal Injuries

One of the worst injuries you can get on the job is a spinal injury. These injuries can leave you extremely limited or even disabled. A variety of situations can cause spinal injuries to your body.

  • Desk Chairs: Computer and office chairs may force your body into a bad posture. Overtime, this bad posture can lead to permanent spinal damage.
  • Slip & Falls: Wet floors or a spill can cause you to slip, fall, and have a terrible spinal injury. When the injury occurs at the work site, your company should be responsible for covering your worker's compensation. This is where an experienced attorney can come and help represent your needs.

Office Food Problems

It's completely normal to enjoy daily lunches and snacks at an office. Even with a meal, there are possible hazards that can cause injuries, illness, and missed time at work.

  • Food Allergies: If you have food allergies that your company knows about, they could be responsible for problems associated with a bad reaction.
  • Hot Drinks: A coffee machine could create extremely hot temperatures. Spills could cause burns that force you to miss work and heal from the injuries.
  • Food Poisoning: Enjoying catered office lunches or parties may result in getting food poisoning. The resulting illness could result in multiple days or weeks of work missed.

Psychological Issues

Not all work-related injuries need to be physical. Worker's going through psychological harm due to the office have rights to worker's compensation. A meeting with a lawyer and a psychologist may be needed for a number of work issues.

  • Pressure: Many people go through extreme stress when dealing with job pressure to perform and exceed. Some cases may include loss of sleep, panic attacks, and a lower quality of life.
  • Harassment: Office harassment from bosses or other employees could result in psychological problems for an employee.

Many personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation. If you feel like you have a case, it's always a good idea to contact them and see if moving forward is the best option.