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Don't Be In The Dark About Our Legal System

How To Avoid Being Sexually Harassed At Work

by Andrew Martin

Sexual harassment is a huge problem in companies today, yet it is one problem that is hard to prove. It's always his side against hers, and it can be difficult obtaining proof that inappropriate things have taken place. Instead of trying to prove that someone sexually harassed you, it might be wiser to take the appropriate measures to make sure that this does not happen to you, and here are three tips that may help you prevent this in the workplace.

Don't Date People You Work With

Sexual harassment can occur in many ways and can leave many results, but every step you take against it may help you avoid being a target of it. According to CNN, winning a sexual harassment case is not an easy task. It takes proof, and there is not always a lot of concrete proof to back up your side.

One of the first steps you should take to prevent this from happening is making the decision not to date people you work with. This rule should not only apply to your boss or manager, but it should apply to anyone else that works for your company.

While dating someone you work with might be a good thing for a while, it can turn dangerous if the relationship fails. The person you were dating might:

  • Make false accusations against you
  • Plot to have you fired
  • Demote you from your job position to a different one
  • Ask for you to be transferred to a different location or department

Dating people you work with is not a good mix, and making the rule to avoid this may help you stay out of problems relating to sexual harassment.

Establish a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Your company most likely has policies in place regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, but this may not be enough to protect you completely. To safeguard yourself, you should institute your own personal policies for protection, and this should begin with establishing a zero-tolerance policy. To do this, you may have to:

  • Ignore someone that flirts with you
  • Be upfront and tell a co-worker that certain actions are inappropriate and that you will not tolerate these
  • Avoid being alone with any co-worker of the opposite sex
  • Avoid gossip in the workplace

If anyone violates any of the company's policies about this, make sure you take appropriate action right away. This may involve informing your boss about the situation, or filling out a report that describes what happened. Taking these steps will protect you, especially if situations continue to happen.

Avoid Situations That Could Lead To This

Finally, you must avoid all types of situations that could possibly lead to sexual harassment. This also includes avoiding situations with other co-workers that are involved in any sexual or unethical activities.

If you know of anything unethical that is occurring, you may want to tell your boss about it, but be prepared to need evidence. Your boss will want to know why you think this, and he or she may want you to produce evidence of it.

Always avoid meeting co-workers after work if possible, and never give out personal information to co-workers of the opposite sex. With these tips, you may be able to avoid ever getting in the situation where sexual harassment could take place.

While all of these steps may help protect you, there is still no guarantee that your efforts will stop all sexual harassment towards you in the workplace. If you have been harassed and have followed all of your company's procedures and are still dealing with this, it might be time for you to hire a sexual harassment lawyer for help.